Top Rated Escape Rooms in Newcastle

Whether you’re looking to build a team connection, to celebrate a stag or hen with those closest to you, or simply looking for a challenge, the Escape Key Rooms in Newcastle could provide exactly what you’re looking for. Escape rooms have exploded as a trend as people discover the fun and tension of thinking on their feet and collaborating through a series of intriguing puzzles and riddles.

However, to make sure you’re getting the best experience on offer, you need to find the right team to provide it. As the top-rated escape rooms in Newcastle, Escape Key Rooms could be just what you need.


A variety of exhilarating escape rooms

Great escape rooms are about one thing in particular: the rooms. At Escape Key Rooms, we love creating puzzles but just as much (if not more) we love creating narratives and themes to tie them together. For that reason, we have three excellent rooms that can help you set the tone that gets your team’s gears into action. They are:

  •         Plague: Situated over a real-life plague pit in Newcastle, this room brings a real sense of danger that can exhilarate your team and make your escape feel all the more essential. Beating the crazed Plague doctor isn’t easy in this, the hardest room available from Escape Key Rooms. Bring your A-game if you want to escape the Black Death.
  •         Armageddon: The easiest of the escape rooms presented, this tech-heavy scenario, set in a Cold War Bunker, is all about beating a whole host of electronic puzzles. What happens if you don’t? Then your rocket won’t be ready in time to destroy the asteroid headed to earth, of course.
  •         Witch: For those who might have plenty of experience with puzzles but aren’t quite ready for the hardest challenges just yet. Set during the notorious Newcastle Witch Trials of 1650, this is a deep dive into the occult, with advanced tech puzzles simulating everything weird and wonderful that happens during your investigation to save an innocent woman convicted of witchcraft.

Videos of each of our rooms are featured on the site but don’t go looking for spoilers! After all, the surprise of what you’ll find in each room and the challenge are key to the whole experience!

Make an event with Escape Key Rooms

At Escape Key Rooms, we can create events to fit the needs of any group. While we have many customers that come for the challenge alone, our rooms are particularly popular amongst stag and hen nights, looking to celebrate those last nights of freedom with a literal escape.

However, we also provide a range of group events that better suit our escape rooms to other teams, not just those looking for the thrill and the challenge.

For instance, we can incorporate a range of surprising team-building exercises for corporate events, complementing the main event of the escape room itself, each designed for up to 22 people.

We have been working with educators to provide learning experiences for schools and STEM workshops, too. Newcastle’s history is incorporated into our rooms, such as the Witch room, which provides not just a spooky adventure but a real look into the 1650 witch trials that saw townsfolk executed in Gallowgate and buried in St. Andrews graveyard, which rests below the escape room itself. Whatever kind of group you’re bringing, let us know and we can make sure you get the experience the suits it best.

The top-rated escape rooms in Newcastle

Escape Key Rooms has become a favourite of not just the casual customers coming in to celebrate their impending marriage, but of real escape room enthusiasts, too. We run the top-rated escape rooms in Newcastle thanks to a team focused on welcoming, professional service including a Gamemaster to help you provide a little guidance and get you in the mood.

The rooms themselves excel thanks to an emphasis on designing an immersive, engaging experience through two key components: the puzzles and the themes built around them. Our team absolutely loves crafting escape rooms and the various challenges throughout them, as well as the story that ties them together, creating experiences that simply cannot be found elsewhere.

If you’re looking for the perfect entertainment on a stag or hen night, an educational experience, or an excellent team building exercise, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Escape Key Rooms. You can learn more through the FAQ page provided on the website, but we welcome any and all questions through our contact page or you can reach us directly when we’re open on 0191 468 2068.