How to Prepare Your Home Ahead of a Long Trip Away

It’s an exciting time but like a lot of things in life, there are plenty of practicalities to sort out before jumping on a plane for your long trip away.

Your home falls into this practical category and there are some steps you should take to enhance its security and general state.

As you may have gathered, this is what today’s post is all about. We will now look at four different tactics you should adopt before you start your jet-set journey.

Keep the heating ticking over

Unfortunately, as the subtitles below have probably highlighted, the suggestions in today’s piece are hardly enthralling. Keeping the heating on throughout your trip probably falls into this category, but like it or not, it’s essential to make sure that everything stays in working order.

There are all sorts of myths that do the rounds in relation to energy consumption but particularly if you are traveling for winter, don’t switch your boiler off entirely. Make sure that it keeps coming on at various points through the day, as this is something that reduces the chance of your pipes freezing. If you have a modern boiler fitted with antifreeze this shouldn’t be as much of a problem but as the saying goes, better safe than sorry.

Consider removing items of value

Next, let’s talk about security. Naturally, with an empty house, you are always going to be more of a target for potential thieves.

We’ll talk about one of the best weapons you can use against these people shortly, but for the purposes of being as safe as can be we would strongly recommend removing some of the most important items in your home. For some of you, this might be jewelry, for others it might be something of far less monetary value. Regardless, consider asking a friend to house the items, or even look at options for local storage.

Timers can be your best friend

We spoke about “potential weapons” you can use in a bid to thwart thieves, and the best approach you can take is to tap into timers.

Nowadays, some of these timers are built into smart home devices, but for the purposes of today let’s assume everyone has the traditional devices. Try and hook these up to lights, your television and anything else that can yell out to would-be thieves that someone is at home.

It sounds simple, but if someone sees a light on, they’re unlikely to question it.

Make cleaning a priority

Let’s conclude proceedings with a general point about the state of your house.

In and amongst all of the security and energy advice, also make cleaning a priority. After arriving back home from your travels, the last thing you want is to wander into a home that looks, and smells, neglected. It’s that last point that we are really going to hone in on for now and if you are just going to target two areas, make sure your bin and fridge are both clear of food. Otherwise, you don’t know what will await you when you return.