3 Best Countries for a Backpacking Gap Year

Taking that long dreamed of gap year is gaining momentum amongst leavers who are not quite ready to commit to university. Although these students know full well that they need that degree to get on in the world of business, they have also worked for a dozen or more years before leaving the ranks of childhood behind. Now it’s time to get out and enjoy the world before buckling down once again to the rigors of academia.

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However, the cost of traveling about during a gap year might not be affordable, so backpacking makes it possible if you know where to travel. If this is to be your last year of school, it’s time to begin looking at countries you might like to visit. While every continent has amazing places to visit on a backpacking gap year, the following three countries might be the best (and most affordable) places to travel before settling down once again to work.

1. Thailand

If you are looking for affordable rates, you can truly appreciate Thailand on a limited budget. In fact, on as little as $15 a day, you can enjoy a backpacking holiday even in Bangkok, the nation’s capital where you would expect everything to be more expensive than outlying regions. Many students with a bit of extra to spend rent a room in a hostel in Bangkok city centre which is the heart of where you’d find a vibrant night life. Backpacking is no longer about taking to camp sites but rather a way to enjoy the best of both worlds. Hostels provide the perfect environment for times spent in Thai cities but there are also plenty of places to camp by the water as well.

2. Nepal

How many students have dreamed of climbing Mount Everest or viewing the amazing temples they studied in history? Nepal is considered to be the classic backpacking experience and of all the countries recommended to students on sabbatical, Nepal is also known to be the cheapest of all. In recent years, Nepal has worked diligently to attract tourists from around the world, so here you will find a good mix of traditional culture with attractions for global visitors.

3. India

India is not only a great opportunity for backpackers to enjoy an affordable gap year, but if you are a foodie, this country is going to be the place to visit! There is nothing quite as affordable or delicious as Indian cuisine and with all the street vendors in literally every city or town, you will never go hungry in India, especially on a pauper’s budget! From beaches at sea level to the highest reaches of the Himalayas, the topography is some of the most beautiful in the world.

Don’t forget that in each of these countries, English is spoken in most of the larger cities. India may have the greatest number of bilingual residents, but you can find people in all three nations who have at least a conversational level of English. Are you looking for an exciting year? Thailand, Nepal, and India are three countries you must be sure to visit.